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As one of the first German venture capital providers for industrial biotechnology, life sciences and chemistry, b.value AG offers investors access to biobased technologies that provide innovative products across industries and thus represent investment opportunities with significant growth and return potential.

Given the diversity and complexity of this science-driven and high-tech sector, we rely on a high level of technological expertise and operational experience. Thus, the b.value team is characterized by an exceptional scientific and technological specialization. The management team has more than 40 years of experience in the establishment, management, and development of technology companies and the commercialization of biotechnology innovations. In addition, b.value AG benefits from the accumulated experience of its supervisory board in various positions in business, science and industry.

In combination with the unique "Company-Building" approach for the portfolio companies and a network of scientists, executives, policy makers and industrial and academic thought leaders, the company's own expertise is used to identify and support the most promising start-ups in biotechnology, life sciences, and chemistry.

We consider our specialization and deep understanding of the industry to be the key to success. Since 2016, we have been able to grow our portfolio with seven highly attractive investments. Our goal is to expand the current portfolio to 20 companies.

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b.value AG gives investors access to a future-oriented sector that typically does not fall within the reach of generalist or less technologically oriented investors. With its evergreen structure, b.value AG offers a flexible investment opportunity for investors looking for alternative forms of investment.

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